Why Is Aged Care Equipment Important?

A variety of equipment is available for use by the elderly, including a hospital bed and walking aids. For people who have problems walking or moving around, hospital beds can provide restful support and bed rails can prevent falls during the night. However, these devices can disrupt sleep and should not be used too much during the day. Check out the best aged care equipment suppliers.

Medical equipment

A variety of medical devices are used to support the care of aged individuals. These products include hospital beds and wheelchairs, personal care aids and prosthetics. They can also assist with mobility, provide support during falls and improve quality of life.

Mobility aids

Mobility aids are important tools for people with mobility problems. They can vastly improve their quality of life and allow them to remain independent. However, it’s important to find the right one for the person you’re caring for, to ensure that they can maintain their autonomy.

Portable emergency suction

Portable emergency suction is a useful piece of aged care equipment, but there are gaps in the current standards for this kind of equipment. For example, current standards only specify a minimum airflow rate, and are not tailored to the airway clearance needs of individual patients. Clinical SDOs are responsible for providing guidelines, and they often provide limited or ambiguous information. Enhancing collaboration between these groups would result in more comprehensive and relevant standards for portable suction devices.

Bedside rails

There are many reasons to use bedside rails in aged care facilities. Their use helps to prevent entrapment and falls in beds. These safety devices can be found in hospitals, assisted living facilities and at home.

Portable oxygen tanks

Oxygen cylinders are metal containers filled with compressed gas and held under high pressure. They come in several sizes and capacities. The size determines how much oxygen can be delivered to the patient. There are two main types of oxygen cylinders: portable ambulatory tanks and static oxygen cylinders. Portable ambulatory tanks are light-weight and can be transported with the patient. A portable oxygen cylinder is generally a small, aluminum cylinder. A static oxygen tank is larger and weighs up to 71 cm high. The latter is used in the home or in a care home and can be transported by wheeled carts.

Toilet aids

Toilet aids can make it easier for the elderly to go to the toilet. There are many types of toilet aids available, including commodes, raised toilet seats, and bedpans. These products are designed to support an individual when they are sitting or lying down, and they can be used temporarily or permanently.

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