Why Garden Maintenance Is So Important

Garden maintenance is essential for a number of reasons. It helps prevent weeds and pest infestations and can also add value to your home. A neglected garden can also become a haven for pests such as rodents and snakes. If you’re considering a garden makeover, consider some of the reasons why it’s important to maintain your yard.

Reduces risk of pests

There are several steps you can take to reduce the risk of pests in your garden. By keeping plants healthy and providing food for beneficial insects, you can prevent the spread of pests. Often, plants thrive best in soil that is rich in nutrients and organic matter, as well as having sufficient sunlight and air flow. Inadequate soil that has been treated with chemicals can cause plants to suffer from stress and disease. Soil testing is an easy way to check your soil’s health.

In addition to keeping your plants healthy, you can also minimize the risk of pest infestations by keeping your garden and lawn clean. Ensure that you remove fallen leaves and fruit, as these provide an ideal habitat for pests. In addition, it’s best to keep your garden tidy and free of overgrown brush. You can also make use of natural predators such as ladybugs.

Increases value of your home

There have been some studies that suggest that the appearance of the exterior of your home can add value to the property. Creating a garden that matches the style of the home is essential to increasing the perceived value. For example, a Japanese garden is out of place on a log cabin, while wooden elements would look out of place on a cottage. Your hardscape should match your exterior finish, including brick or stucco. The aim of landscaping is to create a balanced, pleasing composition that draws the eye.

Northern Beaches Landscaping Group can help increase the value of your home by as much as 20%. It increases curb appeal, and that means more money for you when it comes time to sell.

Prevents weeds

Mulch can be a great weed preventative and should be used at least two inches deep. This prevents weeds from germinating in the soil and will help retain moisture. Mulch will also help to smother weed seeds. If you’re unsure what type of mulch to use, choose one that is organic. A non-organic mulch will not break down and create a healthy soil environment.

Weeds are a nuisance because they compete with other plants and grass for nutrients, light and water. In addition, they look unsightly and are prime hosts for disease and insects. Once one weed has grown and spread, it can become a huge problem. It’s important to prevent the spread of these weeds to maintain the health of your garden.

Improves overall look of your garden

There are a few things you can do to improve the overall look of your garden. For starters, you can use natural materials to enhance the look of your garden without spending a ton of money. You can use rocks as a groundcover or add pebbles to bare ground to make your garden look more natural. Using natural materials will make your garden more aesthetically pleasing and inviting, and will also help protect the environment.

You can also add herbs to your garden to add colour and flavour. Herbs also add structure to your garden. Choosing plants with similar colours will help you create a visually attractive garden. For example, you can use orange/yellow plants like orange marigolds, yellow capsicums, and calendula. In addition, you can use purple plants like alyssum, eggplant, beetroot, petunia, and geranium.

Cuts down on water bills

A garden or lawn requires a significant amount of water. The cost of watering a garden or lawn can add up to hundreds or even thousands of dollars a season. Fortunately, there are some ways to reduce the amount of water your outdoor plants require. One trick is to use mulch, which retains moisture in the soil.

Another tip is to use a water meter. This inexpensive device can be attached to a faucet or a hose to measure the amount of water your plants need. Then, simply multiply the gallons used by 1,000 to get a general estimate of how much water your garden needs.

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