Does a Pergola Add Value to a Home?

A pergola adds an element of grace and beauty to a home. Its beauty is often overshadowed by the home’s true character, but once all the flowers have been covered up, a pergola adds a warm relaxing area to the home that is capable of changing a home’s character. A pergola adds functionality as well as beauty to a home. Functionality and attractiveness should not be sacrificed for visual appeal; a pergola can be a beautiful addition to a home while also serving as a useful fixture. There are some basic guidelines for making a home more attractive with a pergola.

pergolas bendigo can be designed to add value to a home in several ways. One way is through increasing the home’s square footage. Depending on the home’s dimensions, a pergola can either add horizontal value or vertical. Horizontal value will increase overall because more space is added in the direction of the house. Vertical increases can be realized in the same manner, increasing the amount of usable square footage in the front of the home by over a third.

Does a Pergola Add Value to Your Home? | Garbrella Pergolas

Adding a pergola to a home adds a focal point and invites people to sit and enjoy the view. Pergolas naturally provide good views because they usually rise above most home structures and trees. This makes them an excellent place to have a garden party or to relax with a book. Because the home is so open and offers such great visibility, it is a wonderful place to host parties and entertain guests.

Another way a pergola can add value to a home relates to the building and structure of the home. Because the home is open and allows for good natural lighting, a pergola can help to increase the overall square footage of the home. Over time, this can result in increased resale value. It also allows for extra room for improvements and remodels.

Adding a pergola to a home allows for flexibility in terms of design and size. A homeowner can make changes to the structure and use different styles to create an entirely new look. Pergolas are easy to construct, which allows for a fast turnaround time when it comes to constructing a finished structure. With regards to color, most pergolas do come in a wide variety of shades that allow homeowners to choose a shade that matches the home’s siding, paint, or insulation. The added benefit of choosing a pergola design for your home’s exterior is the fact that most designs will blend in nicely with the surroundings.

Finally, adding a pergola to your home provides shelter from the elements. When winter hits and the snow starts to fall, a pergola allows for the vines to grow back and create a cover over the foundation of the home. In the spring, the leaves and shrubs will go back to being green and clean. Pergolas not only adds value to a home but also improves the curb appeal of the property.

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