How to Measure Your Penis – Get the Average Size

If you’ve never measured your penis size yourself, then you’re missing out on an important way to improve your overall sexual performance and enjoyment of sex. A lot of men don’t realize how much of an impact their penis size has on their sex life. What Is the Average Penis Size? The average male penis varies on several factors, including size and girth when erect and flaccid. It’s safe to say that the majority of men have been disappointed with their results from penis enlargement exercises. Most men would agree that there is a natural way to improve your size without the use of dangerous apparatus or expensive pills.

The Average Penis Size


The shaft of your penis, also referred to as the glans penis, consists mainly of a shaft of tissue surrounded by a sheath. The erectile tissues are attached to the end of this shaft by ligaments and connective tissue. The erectile tissues are stretched when an erection occurs and because of its circular shape, it can be rather difficult to judge the thickness of erections and therefore get a good idea about the average length, girth and width of your penis.

The shaft of your penis will expand in diameter when erect and the thicker it gets, the larger the added girth. Once you get an average size penis, you can determine which of your sexual partners to concentrate on using for maximum excitement (i.e. keep the vaginal entrance moistened during intercourse). The larger the erect penis, the larger the vaginal canal.

The average size penis can vary a great deal from person to person, but the truth is that you should hold that measurement in your mind at all times. You definitely don’t want to be surprised by an increase of more than six inches if you were taking measurements at the very start! Keep in mind that the average penis size will vary quite a bit from person to person – not just based on their erect penis size. So make sure you know how to measure your penis correctly.

The girth of the erect penis is measured in girths and is measured from the base of the penis to the head, which is known as the suspensory ligament or spongy tissue. The average size penis varies a great deal from one man to another, but the average size for a man who has a small penis is about six inches. The girth of the flaccid penis is measured in thickness – the thicker it is, the larger the dangle. The average size flaccid penis is only about three to four inches long. The thickest flaccid hang close to the pubic bone.

The length of the penis varies a great deal from one man to the next. The average size for men with a flaccid penis is about five and a half inches long and the average size erect penis is about six and a half inches long. The difference between these two measurements is only about three and a half inches girth. Therefore, you will get the wrong answer when you figure out how to measure your penis by using the 6.3 inches girth and the six inches length measurement.