3 Tips That Can Help You Shed Those Extra Pounds While Dieting

So you want to know some of the most effective and proven ways of how to lose weight? It can be overwhelming when trying to find a way to drop that extra poundage. It’s not as hard as you may think. Once you learn how to lose weight you will gain back all the confidence in yourself. Here is how to lose weight in a month:

Eat fewer calories: 20 super easy tips to cut calories in half, every single day. The secret to weight loss: Get physically active, make smart food choices, and get lots of rest. Here are 200 top weight loss tips! This means you must be willing to make small but significant changes in your lifestyle. Eating fewer calories seems like it would be a lot of work, but really it just takes a few simple changes. If you eat fewer calories every day, then your body will use those calories instead of storing them as fat, which we know leads to weight gain.

Eat high fiber fruits and vegetables: A diet rich in vegetables and fruit is an excellent way to lower your risk for heart disease and diabetes. Here is how to add many more vegetables and fruit into your daily meal: Eat salad instead of processed meat (as much as once a week) Eat organic produce if possible (also helpful is to eat sprouts, broccoli, etc. as these are high in fiber) Eat at least two organic fruits and one organic vegetable per day (if possible three) If you have time, have a daily salad in the morning. If your job requires sitting in front of a computer all day, take a break from your desk and go outside for fresh air. Drink lots of water to keep yourself hydrated.

Eat fewer carbs: Starches help build muscle and you need those muscles to lose weight. Therefore, when on a diet, limit your intake of carbs. Use the Atkins or South Beach diets as examples of low carbohydrate diets. Avoid foods that have “empty” calories carbohydrates that come from other sources (i.e., foods with sugar). Instead, eat carbs that your body needs and that can be converted into energy (such as olive oil).

Exercise: The best weight loss tip I ever got was to exercise! If you want to lose weight and build muscle, exercise is critical. When you exercise, your body uses up stored carbs and burns fat cells instead. Your weight loss can be faster, as long as you do the right exercises. Three basic exercises you can do to burn fat cells: Low intensity/short burst cardio (e.g., jogging, swimming)

How to Lose Weight Fast Tip 3: Watch Your Carbohydrates! I mentioned this before, but it’s worth repeating: Watch what you eat. Stay away from “empty” carbs. Examples of empty carbs are sugar, white flour, potatoes, bread, etc. If you can’t get rid of these types of food, cut them out of your diet.

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